Saturday, October 25, 2008

Golden Palace Casino

The online casino called Golden Palace Casino has been one of the leading online casinos for years. New players can even receive up to $300 in free casino bonus money. Powered by Playtech online casino software, the site is a very easy site to manage and you can even choose the language of the site. Aside from English, the site can also be displayed in French and Spanish.

You can also choose the currency in which to play in, aside from dollars, you can also play in euros and Pounds. In Golden Palace Casino's poker room, there is also a 25% sign up bonus on their multiplayer online poker.

Golden Palace Casino provides the finest gambling environment imaginable. The casino has been splashed in the papers and introduced through the press, so you know Golden Palace Casino means business. You're automatically eligible for a $300 sign up bonus with your first deposit! Golden Palace Casino offers surprise bonuses weekly for players coming back again and again. What's more – you are awarded more deposit bonuses if you use our preferred wire transfer options. There is also a slot machine with a million dollar payout! There is also online blackjack that you can try out with international players.

What's great about Golden Palace Casino is that all players are accepted and they even have the chance to play with their home currency, like the ones I mentioned already. It's not limited to just US players with dollars. Almost anyone can play, and I'm sure they'll have a good time. You can play for money and even make friends internationally.


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