Wednesday, October 15, 2008

On Difficult Customers and Wireless Routers

Today at work I encountered a pretty difficult customer. I guess in the world of telemarketing, some sales representatives (I'm not saying all, just some) might just promise you the world in order to get a sale. I somehow understand why some sales representatives would do that, especially if their salary depended on their commission.

So going back to my customer earlier, he said he was promised this and that, including a wireless router that we no longer offered months and months ago. As it turns out, the customer has 3 laptops in addition to two desktops, so he really needs a good wireless router. What makes his situation more difficult is that the customer I was speaking to wasn't really that technically inclined. Sure, he can use a computer. But as far as configuring modems and routers to his PCs, he was a bit lost on that.

So being the Technical Support Representative that I am of a VOIP company, I walked him through where to buy wireless routers online. Since he wasn't too technical, I suggested getting Linksys routers as they are pretty much plug and play and requires very minimal configuration. Another brand I suggested were the wireless routers from D-Link as they are also very easy to set up and requires very basic technical knowledge. I was honestly surprised that you could buy a good wireless router for less than $50, and the customer I was speaking with was also very surprised and pleased. I hope everything turns out well on his purchase as I still need to call him back and help him set up whatever router he's going to buy in addition to his VOIP service. :-)


Anonymous said...

to connect or not to connect that is the question.

Leslie Ann said...

Hi there!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post, On Difficult Customers and Wireless Routers. Too bad your site isn't a site where I can leave comments on, but I do appreciate the theme. Thanks for dropping by.

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