Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Extra Dime on ExtraDime

For people who are into shopping for bargains and deals and are also into making money online, ExtraDime is a site you should visit. It's actually a forum wherein the discussions are about online shopping bargains, financial deals like bank sing up bonuses, credit card cash back offers, 0% interest on credit card purchases, and other things similar to those that I mentioned.

What's more is that if you're using Google Adsense, ExtraDime shares advertising space with it's members wherein you can place your own Adsense banners in your forum signature. You will also be earning credits for creating new forum threads in ExtraDime, but it has to have original info about new shopping discounts and coupons for you to earn credits. Each new thread is worth 5 credits and replies that have additional insights on a particular shopping deal also earns you 2 credits per post. Currently, ExtraDime's exchange rate is at $1 - 100 credits, with payouts starting at $5 via PayPal.

So if you'd like to earn that extra dime or to, drop by at ExtraDime. You'll not only earn cash for sharing info about shopping deals, you also earn from it.


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