Friday, December 21, 2007

Are you one of those people who is constantly busy with projects, social outings, etc or do you just like to lay low and stay home? Why/why not?

I'm actually the type of person who doesn't like going out - I'd much rather stay home, sleep, or be with my kids. It's not because I'm a mom of two or anything, but it's just that I only have few hours to spend with them on a daily basis and whenever I have time, I'd rather spend it with them.

Like when I didn't bother to attend my company's Christmas party - I just spent the day at home and slept. The hours I was awake were spent with my kids and a couple of hours more for blogging.

I don't know why exactly I'm like this, but I do recall that even before, when I was still single, I still would prefer staying at home than going out, getting drunk somewhere.


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