Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Business at Home

I was searching the archives for this blog for anything that would relate to our computer shop or Internet Cafe as we call it, but it seems those posts are with my other two blogs only. Well, since I haven't written about our small business before, let me write about it now.

My husband and I put up our Internet Cafe around August 2005, and we still have it up to now. Since we have the shop situated at the first floor of our house, we had to sacrifice not having a living room temporarily. It's OK though, since our second floor is roomy enough and the kids pretty much spend their time upstairs.

Our PCs sit on computer carts, and I specifically insisted that we get something that had wheels underneath, so we can move the PCs around whenever we needed to clean and stuff. My husband wanted the style wherein you'd have to look down to see the monitor, the one that looks like this:
It would serve two purposes: one, it looks great and two, it would keep the monitors clean and free from pesky hands that can't help but poke at the monitor. LAN Racks were another thing. Although LAN Racks are the ultimate space saver, we didn't have that much PCs to place in them anyway, and I was scared of the corners that my kids might bump into or worse, they just might have the idea of climbing onto.

So there, for now our shop will stay with the current tables they're at, unless we think of upgrading and adding PCs and then we'll have to think of new tables to put them onto.


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