Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cash for the Holidays

I honestly found myself a bit short on cash with the holidays and all. The gifts I wanted to give to my loved ones were the gifts they wanted, not just the gift I could afford. I seriously considered getting a cash advance, especially since my blogging gig payments would not be coming in until after Christmas, which was so not what I had in mind. A PayPal transfer to my debit card takes about 4-5 business days and with the holidays all bunched up together, it took longer than expected.

As I was already looking for information about cash loans, my husband and I just decided not to over-celebrate the season and instead just try to get our money's worth especially with the food, the gifts, and all the other expenses we originally had in mind. One of the things we prioritized was getting the gift our daughter wanted, and the rest we managed to work something out.

We cooked enough for all of us, with a little extra for unexpected guests and hopefully some to keep in the fridge for the following day. We also decided to cook only what we actually wanted to eat and what we could eat. Also, deciding to cook healthy foods also surprisingly saved us more than just the regular food.

Yes, the holidays still did turn out really well, and I'm glad we're still sticking t our debt-free policy.


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