Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where to Stay

I hope you guys aren't getting tired of reading about my travel plans to different places. As we (or is it just me?) haven't decided exactly on where to go, I'm still in the process of taking into consideration other places to visit, particularly those I've never been to.

So I was thinking of going to Spain. Or Barcelona. Or Malaga. Or even Palma. So am I getting you guys confused or what? I guess the saying that females are fickle minded must be true, but that only holds true for several instances.

If we were to go to Spain, I'd have to busy myself looking for hotels in Spain. And although my husband has relatives there, I wouldn't want to bother them with staying there for a week or so. Besides, it's not much fun compared to if you have a place to yourself.

If we were to go to Barcelona, we'd really need to check out a couple of hotels in Barcelona. From what I've read, the cost of living and expenses in Barcelona are pretty high compared to other countries. Likewise, if we were to stay at hotels in Malaga, it would basically be the same thing. We'd have to go through the process of calling, booking, and confirming our reservations at least a week before we leave. And of course, the tedious process I just mentioned would also hold true if we were to book hotels in Palma.

For people who read my blog, can anyone please suggest where in the world we should go to this time?


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