Monday, December 3, 2007

I Absolutely Loooove Belo Essentials!!!

I already put an end to my blogging for today with the previous post I made earlier, especially since I wanted to discuss with Henry our vacation plans for this year. But when I approached him (and I swear this is true), before I could say anything he asked me,

"Are you wearing make-up?"

Which I totally wasn't. I don't wear makeup at home, and I started making it a habit already to wash my face with our Belo Essentials Facial Wash when I get home. So I took a good look at myself in the mirror and that's when I realized my skin looked great.

When I was a teenager, I was prone to a lot of breakouts because I have oily skin. I am also used to having pimples every now and then, and it was only until Henry pointed out that my skin was really clear and looked smooth that I realized it's been weeks since I had my last pimple.

I conclude that I owe it to using Belo Essentials Facial Wash and the Belo Essentials Whitening Bath Soap, since it's the only thing that's new in my skin care regime. My mom in law and I share the soap and the facial wash, and we both have noticed the tightening effect the facial wash has after you use it, and that the bath soap has a lasting, wonderful scent that leaves your skin moisturized without the squeaky-clean feeling.

I am such a fan of the entire Belo line from now on, and I just couldn't help but rave about it. :-)


Anna Luisa said...

thanks for the really nice review... :)

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