Friday, December 14, 2007

Travel to France

Ever since I had this dream about waking up in Paris, I decided to research more about France. It's a great country screaming with history, art and culture, and I just want to be part of it. Even before when I still had this travel blogging job, I always wrote about France and Paris mainly out of jealousy, since I've never been there.

A France blog is one of the things I've been reading up on, since as a blogger, I know that people are usually more honest when it comes to their blogs. I'd like a personal perspective of how travelers found France and it's up and downs, as most travel websites usually sugarcoat things to entice people to book hotels with them.

But one thing's for sure - if my husband and I decide to spend our annual trip to France instead of the other locations we initially had in mind, one of the things we'll definitely do is to get lost. It's the only true way to discover France secrets that no travel website or brochure has written about.


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