Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What to Do in Kauai

I've been reading on Kauai vacation rentals ever since Henry said we could go to Hawaii for this year, and we're still deciding on whether to go to Oahu Kauai. Aside from reading up on Kauai travel blogs, I've also been looking for fun things to do in Kauai.
was invented in Hawaii.

I guess it's also possible that when we get there, we could also go snorkeling or something. I'd love to have a first-hand experience of underwater life; to get to see cool fishes and the reefs and all. It's funny how much we depend on the sea for living, like fishes for eating and all, and yet we neglect to keep it free from pollution.

Aside from snorkeling, I know there are a couple of mountains that aren't too high that I'd like to give a shot at climbing, and hopefully I can take my kids with me there. I'd also like them to experience to climb heights, and to see how beautiful sights are when viewed from above.

Oh well, I think this is already my fourth or fifth post about vacations in Hawaii. Is it getting too obvious already that I'm excited and can hardly wait?


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