Friday, December 14, 2007

Hotel, Motel and Resort Reservations

Hi readers!

As much as I'd like to share good news, I have to say that my husband and I still have not decided on where exactly to spend our annual vacation at. I guess it's primarily due to my fickle-mindedness and my constant suggesting of different locations whenever we're almost near on closing a particular one.

The only thing we've agreed upon is that we're going to try as best as we can to get the best deal on hotel reservations as we possibly can. Not that we're being stingy or anything, but we just want to get the best out of our money's worth, which isn't so bad when you put it that way. Like, if you can get hotel discounts, why would you settle paying the full price instead?

One of the things we did agree upon aside from the numerous locations in different continents that I mainly suggested was we have a wide array of lodging options. Were taking our kids with us this time, and we want to be as comfortable as possible. So we've taken into consideration not only hotels, but motels and resorts as well. We're also looking into transportation like cars and flights once we get to our destination as we want our kids to be as comfortable as possible.

And since we honestly cannot decide and finalize on anything we've planned, we are also considering the option of going for a vacation package instead. At least, in that way, everything is sort of pre-planned to a point that we wouldn't have to worry about every single detail of our trip.

One of the things I find fun about planning this vacation we're going to have is that through the numerous reservation sites, I find myself with ample time to browse through hotels we like and their prices as well. We can book them online without having to call and call them, and probably just call them once - about a week before we actually leave to confirm our slot.

So there, up to now, we're still undecided. But at least we're having fun while deciding. :-)


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