Friday, December 14, 2007

Someone Else's Wishes

You have been granted 3 wishes! However, you have to use your wishes on 3 separate people. Who would you choose, what would you wish for them, and why?
(Usual genie rules apply: no falling in love, no bringing back people from the dead, and no extra wishes)

This is a meme I just could not pass not writing about. If this were to happen to me, the people I'd wish for and what I'd wish for them would be the following:

1. My husband - better health, happiness, lots of love, a long life, and that all his hopes will be fulfilled. There may be some wishes or dreams of his that are still unfulfilled and I want them to materialize. I'd also want him to be happy and feel accomplished as an individual.

2. My kids - that they grow up to be God-fearing, responsible, and loving children and siblings towards each other. I may not be here long enough to see them grow, as no one can predict what the future holds. So I'd like them to lead the life they deserve and dream of.

3. My family - by my family I mean my mom, my dad and my eldest sister Elena. I wish them whatever they could possibly wish for. They're really great people and I love them a lot. To have their wishes fulfilled would be the fulfillment of mine as well.


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