Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Lowest Bid Wins

I've come across several online sites that offer games with prizes for money or gadgets and others just for fun, but this site that I recently came across is really different. Prizes that range from Apple I-Phones, HDTVs, designer bags, XBoxes, and even cash prize are up for grabs for the lowest bidder as it is a reverse-auction game.

I personally prefer free gifts compared to cash, and this site offers exactly that option. There's a new winner everyday, and the site is updated regularly to reflect the winners. All you need to do is to be a registered member of the site so that you can play and win prizes, for verification purposes. The goal is to win the prize with the lowest bid or number, and your prize is absolutely free as you are not responsible for paying any money.

So if you're a US citizen, 18 years old and above, you can try your luck and place your lowest bet on several prizes and cash that are up for grabs. If you've done sweepstakes, the lottery, or what-have-yous that are a game of luck, why not try placing your lowest bet on really good items?


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