Thursday, December 6, 2007

When were you first introduced to the concept of blogging?

It was some time around August of this year that I took blogging seriously, although I've heard about it months and months ago, I just didn't have that much time to put into it, especially since I was busy playing several online games like RAN Online and I was so hooked on Jumong that I literally set everything aside whenever it was on.

The very first blog I kept was with my Friendster account, and I honestly didn't take it seriously. As I said, I didn't have that much time and I wasn't that interested. For starters, personalizing the look of your blog, or the layout, really matters a lot to me, and it was something I wasn't able to do with my Friendster blog then.

When my mom in law saw this TV show on about blogs, she asked me, "Isn't that what you do over the Internet?" And when the show further discussed earning off of blogs, I was hooked. I chose Blogger to host my blog because of the drag-and-drop feature of the layout, and it is really simple to navigate, especially for non-technical people like me.

So there, I was half-heartedly blogging since March of this year, but I only took it seriously this August. Talk about time wasted, huh?


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