Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Super Clubs Difference

I've been writing a lot about travel and stuff, and I'd just like to share that I came across this great site that basically offers everything that I've been looking for in planning our trip. It's called Super Clubs, the world's favorite super inclusive resorts.

Super Clubs has recently been awarded as the Resort Parter of the Year 2007 by Vacation.com, the largest travel services marketing organization in the United States and Canada. And that's not the only award Super Clubs has received. They've constantly received awards annually since 1990, including Hotelier of the Year, a constant recipient of the Apple Vacations' Golden Apple Award, Carribean Hotelier of the Year, and a whole lot more awards.

The reputation and specialty of Super Clubs actually got me thinking of yet again having our annual year-end vacation to a totally different destination - the Carribean! Since Super Clubs offer a lot of packages for tour plans that have all inclusive resorts, I already pictured ourselves enjoying the sun and having fun (I'm rhyming!) without any worries. Or we could go with a package that offers
all inclusive Jamaica and have just as much fun in the sun as possible.

I personally like the all inclusive Jamaica package. Jamaica's somewhere I've never been to and I've always wanted to go there, maybe this is the chance we've been waiting for.


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