Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Shopping Cart Software

I wrote previously on Ashop's Shopping Cart Software, and just to give you guys an update, what I did was try out the 10 day free trial. It was pretty cool and I found the entire process a breeze - the shopping cart software was really easy to use and very much user-friendly. It was like I was setting up any other software. Big words like ecommerce software are enough to make non-technically inclined people like me away, but this one was really great. To be honest, the only operating software I know is Windows, and I had my blog with Blogger primarily because of its easy-to-use interface. I don't know much about HTMLs and all, so I find it really easy to arrange my blog's layout by simply dragging and dropping items.

In no time, I had my own shopping cart up and running. Although I'm still busy playing around with the layout's fully-customizable design and structure, I'm glad that I had it working on the first try, and now all I need to do is promote it so that customers would come and buy the stuff I have up for sale. Wish me luck with the sales!


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