Thursday, December 20, 2007

Audio Visual Equipment

One of the accounts or campaigns that I previously had when I was still working in a contact center was for technical support for a company dealing with audio visual equipment and installations. As I consider myself a fairly technical person, I found the training for this account a breeze.

For me, audio visual equipment is something of great importance, especially for learning. There are some people like me who tend to learn faster with the help of graphics and other visuals rather than just the regular reading of words. Although there are some who learn just by reading and reading dozens of pages or repeatedly looking at a computer screen filled with words, I think a picture or a visual image every now and then would be great to break monotony.

During training, I remember one time that I was really excited about these audio visuals. Our client came to our office bringing with them their latest audio visual product and allowed us to test it. They thought that we'd be able to assist more customers if we actually knew the product and we could operate it ourselves. The system used state-of-the-art technology that allowed voice conferencing in between states, and it wasn't just your regular web cam image - the person you were having a conference with looked live. There were no delays and if there were, they were kept to an indistinguishable minimum and the audio during the conference was spectacular.

With technology like that, imagine the number of hours you can save in a day traveling from work to another place just to be in a meeting. With the video conference we held, we were able to communicate with our clients who were still in the head office and have an open discussion with them - without leaving our seats.


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