Friday, December 28, 2007

Spock (No, not Star Trek)

No, I'm not referring to Spock in Star Trek, but the website called Spock. - A Great Place for Search, is becoming really popular nowadays. Instead of other people search engines that base results on certain keywords, you can base your search on words you know - like brunettes, blue eyes, curly hair, etc. without having to remember keywords or certain parameters while performing a search.

Like for example, since I love listening to rock music and it often rocks me to sleep (pardon my pun), one of the musicians I absolutely love is Sting, aka Gordon Sumner. So imagine my surprise when I found him on Spock. My search for Sting revealed this result:

What I did was put in the search field the keywords "actor-singer (" and the results listed Sting as one of the actor-singers. Other results for the same search include Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, John Lennon, David Bowe, Madonna, Queen Latifah, Hilary Duff and Justin Timberlake, to name a few. The actors-singers that the results pulled up are too many to mention, so just check out this widget:

When I found the page for Sting, I became aware of his birthday, images of his other band mates, and other information about him that I didn't know. Links to other pages providing further information about Sting like from Wikipedia, his official web site, and Album of the Month are also available on one page.

I hope you check the site out, create an account, and start building your own network.


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