Thursday, December 20, 2007

If you could take a motor home anywhere in the world at the moment, where would you go?

I love traveling and if I had a motorhome to take with me, it would be even better. I could take my two kids with me to where I'm going easily, and we'll all have a blast.

Now, where to go...hmmm...

I'm thinking of going to a beach or something, as my eldest daughter who recently turned four has not gone swimming yet. Swimming would also be a good activity to engage my five month old daughter in, and I've watched a lot of TV shows discussing that it's best to teach babies to swim so by the time they get older, they won't be afraid of water and will easily learn how to swim.

So I'm thinking of a beach in California, as the state is known for fabulous beaches. But which beach to go to would be my next dilemma. If I were to go to Venice Beach, I'm sure my kids would love the street performers, artists, and musicians that abound the place. Or Santa Monica beach to stroll around and view the sun rise and set amidst lifeguards on duty. Or better yet, we could just go to Marine Beach, so that I'll have peace of mind when I let my kids swim around in the gentle waves and shallow swimming areas. As this would be a great place to bring kids plus the picnic locations, maybe this would be where I'd take my motorhome then.


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