Friday, December 28, 2007

Rank what You Like at Rankrz

People have preferences one over the other, and Rankrz is the best place to voice these preferences out. Rankrz is an online community that caters to individuals all over the world wherein they are free to rank various items and even create your own. Some of the things you can do at Rankrs are the following:
  • create your own rankings;
  • write about your opinions;
  • view other people's rankings;
  • view how individual rankings add up to an overall ranking; and
  • discuss a ranking.
What's even better is that you also get compensated for your efforts and active participation at Rankrz. How it works is that after you've signed up for an account at Rankrz, you can add your Adsense and Amazon ads from your website or blog on your Rankrz account page and they will be displayed on the site. Your account gets credited 50% of time on ad-sharing pages, and you can also display relevant ads as Rankrz uses contextual Google and Amazon ads. Simply put, if your account has good ranking contents, it can mean a decent income for you as well.


anylee said...

Hi..Leslie Ann,
After I read your comment on my post today, I try to check my latest post Rankz...
It is true like you post is shown on there..but I didn't noticee an congratulation email from them.
So the case is just like you too..
I am so surprised, I never got this before...
So have you any reply from them..
Please let me know..if you have an answer from them

anylee said...

Hi Leslie Ann,
Thanks for your reply, I have post this problem to the Geeky Forum.
You can view it too at

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