Friday, December 14, 2007

First a House, Now a Car

I mentioned in a previous post things my husband and I have discussed about where we intend to take our lives to, especially with the kids growing up and all. We want our kids to grow up in a house they can call theirs; and now we're thinking of getting a car as well.

A car for us would serve a lot of purposes. It would keep our kids comfortable whenever we need to go anywhere with them. It would also save us from the crowded buses and other means of transportation. It would give us the privilege of taking them with us when we'd normally just leave them at home due to issues like traffic, pollution, and the crowds.

But of course, getting a car is tied up with getting a fair car insurance. I wouldn't want to be either driving or riding something that I will not feel secure in, like if worse comes to worst and something bad happens. I want to feel secure knowing that whether something happens to the car, we'll be fine.

Auto insurance is something most people take for granted and don't know the value until something happens. Like I had this friend who didn't want comprehensive auto insurance since she already spent so much on her brand new car and just settled for a really cheap deal her insurance agent offered her. About a month or so after she bought her SUV it was car napped, and as it turns out theft wasn't included in her coverage. She was able to recover the car through the help of the police, but most of the important pieces like the motor, the interiors and stuff were all gone. When she computed if she was to buy all the missing parts, it would cost her almost as much as when she first bought the SUV.

So that was a lesson learned not only for herself, but also for me. If ever we do get around buying a car, I can always browse for car insurance quotes that won't keep me in the dark when unforeseen events happen.


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