Friday, December 14, 2007

Would you rather be Overdressed or Underdressed for a Party?

I'm not a kill joy, but whenever I attend parties, I just want to blend in and get the party over and done with. Regarding the clothes I wear, I've never been the one to follow trends; I wear what I wear and that's it. As long as I feel comfortable in it and I know it's appropriate for the occasion I'm going to, that's fine by me.

So, I'd rather be under-dressed for a party rather than be overdressed. As much as possible, I wouldn't want to be the center of attraction and throw the hosts of the party off with my outlandish outfit. I would much rather prefer just blending in, having a great time, and not make people around me feel uncomfortable.

As what I said previously, if people don't like what I wear, they always have the luxury of turning their heads and looking somewhere else.


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