Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Bubblenator

I came across another cool site today that's pretty interesting. It's called The Bubblenator and it's a good site to not only pass time but it is a pretty handy site as well.

I'm saying this because The Bubblenator allows you to load your image URL, and allows you to quickly and easily add a speech bubble on your image, wherever you want it. You can choose either a speech bubble or a thought bubble and make it the size you want, fill it with words, change its size, and add as many speech bubbles as you want.

Once you're done editing your image and adding speech bubbles to it, The Bubblenator also give you a generated HTML code that you can add to wherever you'd normally want to add your image, like in your blog, your website, or just about anywhere you'd normally add your picture. And it's as easy as that!


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